Hey I'm Bruna and somewhere in my tumblr life I took this url.

At first I was thesefuckingfeelings, and (re)blogged about love and shit.
Then I was we-dont-need-no-thought-control, and was basically a rebel b&w blog.
Then I changed to foreveraloneliness and (re)blogged everything. Or at least I thought it was everything.
Then I found out it wasn't - I discovered the fandom side of tumblr, and then turned to sherlockholmossexuals.
Now I decided to change to mysteriespot, and here I kind of explain why, I know you're not interested but still it's very interesting to me so...
Yeah, anyway, come visit my new place :)

P.S.: It's gonna redirect in 60 secs anyway so you can just wait.
Or you could click this picture of me and go there yourself.